So, the Farmers went a little crazy today. And  actually it’s been weird all week.
  First, the dogs left for awhile and the lady farmer was  calling and calling for them, but they never came.  Finally, the lady ran out to her car and left in a big hurry and came back awhile later with the dogs.  She looked sad and the dogs were dirty and just kind of laid low the rest of that day.
  The next day everyone was out in the yard and everything seemed fine.  The little goose was running around all day visiting with everyone and we all got to play in the yard until it was dark.  I rolled in the dirt and ate some bugs.  It was a good day.
  Then the Farmers went back to work and we pretty much keep ourselves occupied until they come home. It’s ok.  Ever since they took the rambunctious boys out of our coop things are pretty good here.  I am friends with the other hens and I think we have one of the better houses, so I must be Lucky.
  I can see the boys pen from here, they have been sharing their house with the little goose.  Until yesterday, and the Bad Thing happened. 
  I was still sleeping, but I woke up when I heard the lady farmer screaming.  She was yelling and standing at the boys’ pen in shock.  Usually she opens the pen and the little goose runs out and follows her around while she does the morning chores.  Today was different.  I tried to see what was happening but all I saw was her take the baby goose out of the pen and hold it carefully in her arms.  She seemed very sad and was yelling at the dogs and that’s when I heard one of the other hens say that the dogs had been playing a new game called tag with the baby goose that morning and maybe that’s why they were in trouble.  All I know is she took the baby goose away and didn’t come back.  Last night when the farmers got home, they were very quiet and no one wanted to play with us.
  This morning, the dogs came back out to play, but since  the goose was gone they decided to play with a rooster instead.  They played the game until the rooster got tired and laid down.  Pretty soon the lady farmer came out and just like yesterday, once she got to the pen and looked inside, she yelled and screamed at the dogs and they went to hide.  She opened the pen and took out the rooster and he must have been very tired because he didn’t move or make a sound.  She held him and seemed very sad and left.  He hasn’t come back yet.
   Tonight though, the Farmers went crazy.  They got home from work and were yelling Bad Dog!  Bad Dog!  And the dogs couldn’t seem to find a place to hide.  No one is talking or laughing and the hens tell me that we have to be very careful and remember not to play the game with the dogs.  The dogs make me nervous so I’m not going to stick my head out of the pen to play the game.  It doesn’t look like fun to me anyway.
  So now it’s pretty quiet. The Farmers filled our food and water then went into the big house.  No one knows what is going on, but since the baby goose and the rooster haven’t come back and the dogs are in Big Trouble, things sure are different around here.


05/24/2012 20:59

I'm so sorry about your little goose and chickens. My father had a dog that started killing our chickens when I was just a child. He tied the dead chicken to the neck of the dog and that dog never killed another thing. Cruel thing to do to the chicken even though it was dead. But it cured the dog of killing. Horrible thing when dogs start doing that they just don't know the consequences of the "game". Again, I'm sorry for the loss of your little goose and rooster.

Elizabeth Noreen
05/24/2012 22:50

I had a neighbor who tied a dead chicken around the dog's neck for a couple of days too! It worked. (gross, but it worked) the Dog stopped going after the poultry. I'm so sorry about your birds!!

05/24/2012 21:11

Thats so sad. Loosing pets is heartbreaking especially by one of our own pets. I'm so sorry for yor loss. Love the part where the little goose followed you around while you did chores.

Theresa W
05/25/2012 07:20

I'm so sorry. I remember when the neighbor's dog got into our outdoor chick pen when I was a child. Got all the chicks. Terrible loss. Glad Lucky remains Lucky.

05/25/2012 07:55

I'm so sorry to read about the little goose and the rooster. How very devastating.


So sorry to hear about this. I had a similar situation a couple of years ago. A raccoon got into my coop and killed all of my chickens except for one. About a week after the massacre our Great Pyreneese puppy tried to "Play" with the remaining hen and killed her. It's hard and sad, but somehow you'll find a way to regroup and carry on.

05/31/2012 19:34

You have found a poetic way to make sense of this. We think, most likely wrongly, that as we become adults we shed our innocence. In fact, we think this is necessary in order to face the tragedies of life. Yet it is perhaps only with the eyes of innocence that we can embrace tragedy, like the little hen that observes, knows something is deeply wrong, but remains calm nonetheless.

09/30/2013 01:24

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