It’s beginning to look a lot like Stressmas!
  Like most of you, we have pared down, cut back and streamlined our holidays.  Not spending as much on gifts and reducing our overall expectation of
what Christmas should be.  However, I’m finding some glitches in the process.  Maybe you have noticed this too?
  I’m listing (because I can) my top 10 Christmas stresses as we hurtle speed of sound-like toward C-Day.

  1. It takes WAY more time to prepare homemade gifts than it does to buy them at the store.
  2. Just like Halloween, if you got an early start to preparing treats for the big day, you might just have eaten them all and have to start all over again two days before Christmas.
  3. Holiday parties should not be held during the
    holiday season.  They just require more shopping and fussing and are a huge time suck when all you really want to do is sit on the couch and drink eggnog and watch The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.
  4. Once you have hit the busiest mailing day of the season (Monday) and have neither your Christmas cards nor your gifts in mailable shape, you might have to come to the conclusion that they won’t be going out this week and set your sights for a more realistic goal of Martin Luther King Jr’s B’day.
  5. Ship all your pets away for the month of December.  I have neither time nor energy to bathe the dog who found mud and rolled in it.  The cats need to find a new lap to sit on because if I sit too long I start making lists of the things I haven’t done yet.  I also hope they have food and water or will tell me when they don’t.  The chickens are sitting on a pile of uncollected eggs from yesterday…
  6. Allow two weeks to wash all the bedding for the guest room.  I have a habit of tearing the beds apart then forgetting to put them  back together.
  7. Holiday baking will not be enjoyable if you cram it into the frantic few days before Christmas.  If you find yourself without your cache of baked goods this week (see #2) it’ll probably be best to just rely on the stuff people give you or cruise the kitchen at work and bring home a few treats.  Set aside time in a couple of weeks to enjoy this event more  
    thoroughly…say, around MLK day (see #4).
  8. The Gym.  Forget about it.
  9. Your holiday menu.  Oh, I knew I was forgetting something!!
  10. Next time someone offers you the table centerpiece from the company holiday dinner…take it!
  11. Have a cut off day for decorating, say around the 15th.  Those totes sitting in the foyer waiting to be distributed really aren’t that attractive.  And since Martha Stewart hasn’t stopped by yet to turn your house into a winter wonderland, spare yourself the guilt trip and call it a day.
  12. Yes, I know, the Reason for the Season.      
    I’ll get there.
  13. Oh, don’t get me started! This list could easily be twice as long, but there is a cat trying to sit on my lap and I have to throw the Holiday luncheon taco dip thing together and maybe grab the eggs before I forget.  Eggnog...here I come! 

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12/20/2011 19:29

It will be over soon dear,I find it hard also.I just do what i can do and that's all I can ask for.If I don't finish I just say OK!!! I do whats most important to me at the time,and then it is whatever will be will be..Merry Christmas Sue {{hugs}}


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