I grew up in a military family, my father was in the Air Force.  What that meant during holidays, is that our family member was often missing for the actual designated
calendar day that everyone else was celebrating. We were flexible though, and would wait for the time when we could all be together to celebrate our special times. 
  Later, he became a pilot with an airline, which usually meant he was busy flying planes during the holidays, because that’s when lots of people were traveling.  Occasionally, he was gone for months at a time.  I remember once, we celebrated Christmas in February.  In our family, what mattered, was that we were all together.  
  Sometimes, though, the planets would align, and he would be home for Christmas.  That’s when excitement would shoot through the roof!  To be in lockstep with all of our friends and be able to anticipate the same holiday “doings” as everyone else, was the holy grail of our existence.  For those times, for awhile, we were “normal”. 
  Now, we are grown and the family is all spread out.  We occupy 3 time zones in 4 different states.  Gathering together for the holidays is mostly hit and miss.  Time, geography, money and life, all conspiring to keep us apart. 
  My girls have been away at college, working hard to lay the groundwork for their future careers. We picked up one daughter at the airport last night.  The other will arrive sometime next week.  Next Sunday, we will be able to celebrate Christmas together as a family.  I am truly thankful and blessed!  
  I’d like to also welcome our troops coming home from
Iraq.  My heart has been heavy ever since we sent our men and women into that conflict and I’m sooooo relieved to finally see them coming back!  Our country and the world is thankful for their service and humbled by their sacrifices.  Next up, Afghanistan! 
  To the military, their families and Pocket Farmer
friends…I hope you all have a wonderful holiday in whatever way you are able to share it.  
          Merry Christmas Everyone!

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