It appears I’ve got a serious case of egg on the brain.  It seems to be all I can talk about.  I could possibly lose friends over this!  How many conversations that start with “My eggs…” can a person take?  And yet, I can’t stop!  Eggs are currently my obsession and as I sit here listening to my incubator chirp, I see no end to my egg sickness anytime soon!
  So let’s talk about eggs. :) 
            Baby chick eggs! 
  My brand new incubator has been hard at work these past few weeks making baby chicks!  It’s just so amazing to see an egg pip open and a fully formed chick pop out!  It’s been almost a year since our first group of fuzzy chicks arrived by mail and being able to hatch our own this year is a special blessing.
  Special thanks go to Farmer Tom for hunting down my Brinsea incubator and surprising me with it for Christmas!  It sure took a lot of the worry out of the wait.
            Baby duck eggs! 
  Next week, my friend Sunshine will be shipping me duck hatching eggs.  These are the long awaited
Indian Runner Ducks that I’ve been talking about. 
How fun is that?  I’ll be loading up the incubator again once they arrive.  Baby chicks and baby ducklings…this place will be hopping!

 Hard Boiled Eggs! 
 Following a tip I saw on FB this week, I put a little salt in my egg
boiling water to hopefully help them peel easier. It worked!! The eggs peeled marvelously! (I also refrigerated for several hours before peeling.) 
  But wait, there’s more!  Your egg tips poured in! 
Here is what you had to say:

'Vanessa Kiernan: u need a bit more then a couple of pinches. more like a 'some here n some there' method. n then let cool in same water cause they continue to cook. for the lrg egg n then i put in ice cold water for like 10 m. then peel no problems.
  Vanessa also offered the link for tips on cooking times: http://whatscookingamerica.net/Eggs/BoiledEggs.htm 
  And this one for cooking different types of eggs
(chicken, turkey, duck):
Barb Collett: Another good tip... If you want the yolks to be a pretty yellow instead of having that  greenish/grayish outer color, only get the eggs to a rolling boil then turn the heat off. Keep them covered for about 20 minutes and they'll finish cooking without having that over-boiled look. Saw this on Rachael Ray and tried it myself... works! 
Ang Thiel: I think the refrigeration is key and I do add a tbsp of salt to my water for hard boiling eggs. I have been peeling quail eggs all evening but they refrigerated overnight and I only had 15 out of 200 turn out ugly. 
Reanon Stockton: My grandma gave me a good tip that has worked every-time - as soon as the eggs are done boiling put them under cold water - they practically fall out of the shells 
Amy Grimm Yost: You can also give each one of the eggs a "smack" with a spoon a few min. Before they are done cooking. Easier to peel. 
Brandi Brown Hicks: It is even easier if you bring to boil, cover and let sit 15 minutes, pour off hot water and add ice water, let sit another 15 minutes, pour off all but about 1 inch of water, cover and shake the heck out of the pot til the shells are all busted. Then they pretty much peel off in 1 or 2 pieces. You can peel a dozen in less than 5 minutes! 
FrancieChaos Dunlap: OK, I have to toss in my $0.02... STEAM them for 20 min. The steam enters the pores and cooks the eggs, and makes them much easier to peel - the membrane won't stick to the shell. I always learned that you then put them in the ice water so that you don't get the grayish green coloring. Anyway, this is the way I do it with my fresh eggs, and they are perfect every time! Boiling never works for me for fresh eggs - shells stick - I would have to use old eggs. 
Roberta Nevares  Thurston: I've heard that baking soda is supposed to make peeling easier. I'll have to  experiment since I have eggs coming out the wazoo, so to speak. 
Mary Peichel: Tap them all around on a hard surface to break up the shell, then gently roll them between  your palms. Try to use eggs that are at least a week old, as they peel much easier.

  Egg Salad! 
  And what do we do, once we get those beautiful eggs peeled?  Well, for one, we make EGG SALAD, Baby!  Here are some of the ways we do  that:

Nicole Styron Woodall garlic powder, mayo, salt, pepper and Eggs. ;)
Delly Rose Eggs, mayo, pepper, stone ground mustard (spicy brown is good too) and small diced can of turkey spam, it is the only way my children will eat it!! It is also yummy on crackers...
Christine Moore a little chili powder
Kevin Levesquemayo, onions, maybe a small sweet red pepper when i have em. mustard and a touch of salt and of course the delectable egg
Laura Adams Mayo, salt, sometimes soy sauce, or tabasco. Yum...
FrancieChaos Dunlap try a little celery! adds a fun
Robert Day a tiny bit of pickle relish if we have it, if not, pickle juice
Elizabeth Wade and scallions:)
Becky Engel all of the above, except I prefer dried mustard powder to wet... gives it a teeny bit of heat.
Erin Burke Edwards very little mayo & LOTS of French's mustard... little salt & pepper
Keryn Kimball mayo, mustard and my secret Curry powder.
Lisa House mayo, bit of salt and pepper, celery and green or red onion...I am not a mustard fan except for hot dogs :) haha
Linda Molesworth Just mayo then I top it with anchovies for a change.
Denise Gronset Lenert I make mine same as Lisa House. Sometimes I use Miracle Whip. 
Autumn Faith Celery, onion, pickles, (either sweet or dill depending) with a dash of the juice, pepper, dash of garlic powder, eggs of course ..mayo  ... tsp or so of mustard or sometimes use mustard powder instead .. (I use Forward or Arizona Dreaming both by Penzeys because I try not to use salt).
Jonna Davis Mayo, a lil' mustard, onion and pickles, salt, pepper and a little garlic powder...and to finish it off, HORSERADISH! It's delish!
Jennifer Benson Mayo, mustard, & sweet relish.
Living More, Spending Less Eggs, mayo, salt, pepper, and dry mustard. Then I have sweet pickles on my sandwich, but not in the salad itself.
Rudy Landry Don't Know, wife makes it! (LOL) ;) 
Cindy Grove Onions, celery, mayo, mustard, a dash of vinegar, and salt and pepper.
McFadden's Acres Certified Organic Farm Green onions, turmeric, salt & pepper and mayo!
Toni Geisler We do miracle whip, mustard, curry powder, pepper flakes, green opnions, parsley.
Amanda Wiersma Sour  cream, a dab of yellow mustard, s & p, a little bit of red onion and a big glob of spicy zucchini relish. Yum!
Lisa K. Bacallao Chives, curry, dill, pickles, mustard, dash salt & pepper, miracle whip dressing..yum :) 
   Thanks so much for your input everyone! Clearly, I am not the only egg fan out there. Glad to know I have good company! :)  
For more Egg-Citement and chick fun, join me at www.facebook.com/thepocketfarmer. Hope to see you there!